Service & Repairs

W.E.S.S  is an official accredited service, repair and warranty agent  for all of the following brands in South Australia (as well as being  a major selling agent for them):

  • Cigweld
  • WIA
  • Fronius
  • Gullco
  • Bernard
  • Bug-0
  • Thermal Dynamics
  • Miller
  • Hypertherm
  • Profax
  • Tweco
  • Arcair
  • Lincoln
  • Shindaiwa
  • Binzel
  • Harris

Contact our service division for:

  • Technical queries
  • Internal parts
  • In-shop  &  call out  (on site) repair bookings


Phone: (08) 8243 2200


W.E.S.S  is South Australia’s largest welding equipment repairer,  service agent  & qualified warranty agent for the majority of “trade brand” welders on the Australian market
with 5 x call out / on-sight mobile units  &  10 x  in-shop technicians. We put our money where our mouth is and employ all these full time technicians to back you up. “No slow, expensive third party contractors  or  interstate freighting that you have to pay for .. to get equipment / warranties looked at”
WESS looks after everything that we sell, we are not just trying to sell you something & then forget about supporting you after.

We have you covered, we have your back!

With over 30 years of repair experience, we have seen all the problems. We have experts in many different fields / areas whom can bounce ideas and questions of each other, so we have you fully covered in all technical areas.

Sure, many companies may make claims that they repair welding equipment or that they service support what they sell. But the sad reality is thatmost just ship the repair off  to a 3rd party, which  all too often for you means : delayed repair times, freight charges, double work charges etc.

WESS also has a gas equipment repair division

Purchasing  “new” equipment / warranties

A word of caution when deciding whom to purchase your “New” welding equipment from in S.A.

Due to new  OH&S criteria now being placed on “welding equipment repairs” in relation to  traceability. WESS’s policy is now to only warranty support welding equipment that is purchased from WESS.  We no longer do welder repair warranties for our oppositions benefit.

Also if you look at the warranty schedule of most “new” welder brands, you will more often than not see in the fine print a clause stipulating that freight is not covered under warranty, that freighting of the warranty welder to an accredited repair / warranty agent & back again, is all under the  customers duty  & cost. Which, can often means shipping your welder interstate (if it wasn’t purchased at WESS ) which could easily cost you $300 in freight (send and return), let alone the delayed time frame and the risk of the couriers losing or damaging  your equipment. Of course you can insure your freight, but this is a extra cost again. Worst still is if its purchased overseas!

Be aware!

Welding machines have:

  • Lots of electronics & wiring (PCB’s, Diodes, Rectiers, switches etc)
  • Lots of moving “wearing” parts (Contactors, solenoids, drive motors, fans etc)
  • A tendency to be used (abused) as hammers
  • A tendency to get in-frequent use
  • The potential to Kill you electric shock)
  • An a annoying tendency to be re-modeled / up graded frequently by manufacturers “therefore parts & spares are often changing” (Which makes it very hard keeping track of all those changes & what goes with what model / brand, especially if it is over 2 years old & you do not live & breath welders – well, for WESS it isn’t, but that’s only because Welding equipment is all that we do – its our business … we specialize in this & nothing else!)

Workshops & Sheds have:

  • Changes in temperature (extreme heat in summer to extreme cold in winter)
  • Moisture in the air
  • Dust & Iron filings (which always find there way into your welder through vents & cooling fans)
  • Insects & Rodents (that like to get stuck in things, chew cables, build nests, die or defecate everywhere)

So what does all this mean ?

Purchase your welder on :

  • Back-up
  • Service support
  • Reparability
  • Spares availability
  • Supplier knowledge

Would you buy your “new” CAR from a Ebay store ?

NO? Well, welders have just as many parts as a car but they tend to not get that attention & love that our cars get. Welders are just used / abused & then shoved into a dusty shed corner to rot until another job comes up. So, unfortunately things do go wrong with welding machines all to frequently. Have piece of mind (and save on freight) buy from WESS, we have you covered!